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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions / Titanium Welding Tips

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Titanium Welding Tips - How To Weld Titanium

- Amperage: ~30amps autogenous, ~70 Amps with filler (Base settings for 1mm/.039" titanium. You may need to change settings depending of welding technique, welding equipment settings, and material thickness)
- Recommended Gas Lens: #12 and up cup size
Furick BBW #16 Gas Lens, Furick Moose Knuckle #14 Gas Lens
- Gas Flow: 35-40CFH on the cup side. Titanium needs ALOT of argon.
- Backpurge: MUST backpurge (tip: make sure that the backside of the material is completely filled with Argon before welding)
- Color: You are looking for a silver to golden straw color. If you are getting blues and purples, you may be using too much heat or insufficient argon coverage. If you are getting whites that means there is no gas coverage.
*Note: Titanium can ONLY be welded to Titanium or Titanium Alloys

Tight and Loose Radius Difference


-We calculate CLR (Center Line Radius) of a bend by taking the diameter of the tube and multiplying it by the radius of the bend. For example in the case of a 3" (tube diameter) and a 1.14D (bend radius) it would give us a CLR of 3.42". 3" x 1.14D = 3.42" CLR. 

-Shown on the left is a 3" loose radius (1.6D) using 2 packs (10 pies total) of pie cuts to achieve a loose radius 90 degree bend.

-Shown on the right is a 3" tight radius (1.14D) using 2 packs (10 pies total) of pie cuts to achieve a tight radius 90 degree bend.

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