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TEX Hand Sanitizer Liquid Spray - 32 Oz. - 80% Ethanol (Manitizer)

TEX Hand Sanitizer Liquid Spray - 32 Oz. - 80% Ethanol (Manitizer)

$ 19.99

This is not your mama's hand sanitizer! This is the the most manly sanitizer out there(call it a Manitizer). No aloe, no fragrance, no fru fru. Just plain ol' alcohol, glycerine, and hydrogen peroxide. It's as tough as nails, and smells as such. At 80% alc/vol, this stuff is gonna kill almost any germ, bacteria, or virus it comes in contact with. With that kind of alcohol content, you might be tempted to take a swig... DON'T! This stuff may smell like some good ol' Kentucky Moonshine, but it isn't safe to drink. Made in the Great State of Texas, but fit for the universe.

Legal jargon:

This hand sanitizer spray was prepared under the FDA temporary policy of alcohol based sanitizer products for the COVID-19 public health emergency. This is a liquid and not a gel. Since the FDA is not allowing oils or fragrances to be added to the sanitizer, the sanitizer smells like ethyl alcohol. This sanitizer follows all FDA guidelines and is safe for human use.

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