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3" Titanium Mandrel Bends are HERE

Titanium Mandrel Bends

The addition of our NEW Ticon Industries 3" Mandrel Titanium Bends to our already huge collection of Titanium fabrication materials is a game changer!

Available Bends Include:
45 Deg. w/ 3"/3" Leg - $87.99
45 Deg. w/ 6"/3" Leg - $109.99
90 Deg. w/ 8"/6.5" Leg - $139.99

Produced from our 1mm/.039" CP1 Grade Titanium Tubing these are not only the lightest but also the highest quality Mandrel bends ever offered! You can create a new and unique lightweight Titanium exhaust or intake system now in less time then ever! With one 90 degree and two 45 degree bends to choose from, we have you covered for any project you have in mind!
Visit www.ticonindustries.com and place your order today!

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