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The Perfect Titanium Weld

The Perfect Titanium Weld

The common misconception is that Titanium is a next to impossible material to weld. Fabricators and individuals alike to this day still seem to believe that only those with Aerospace Certifications and large sealed welding chambers can work with the material. This couldn't be farther from the truth and almost any fabricator with experience can learn it quickly with a few simple steps. With the proper tools and settings, Titanium welding can be picked up with relative ease.

 Perfect Titanium Weld

Chris McQuay of Unobtanium Welding presents a flawless Titanium weld. Proper gas shielding and heat leave the weld colorless.

Flawless Titanium Weld

Joe Simpson from Tempest Racing showing the proper procedures for welding up pie cuts. All have been tacked together and final welding is done all at once with a good back purge and full weld penetration.

Titanium by nature is a low temperature material and in fact welds colder than Stainless Steel. For our Ticon Industries 1mm/.039" material, we recommend around 30 amps if running autogenous (without filler) and tweak from there depending on your style and peddle engagement. Unlike Aluminum and Stainless, you can weld Titanium autogenously(or better known as without filler material) and the weld will be just as strong as it would be if adding filler, the exception being flanges and slip joints where there may be a gap that needs to be filled for added strength. Titanium is a very oxygen sensitive material so it requires extensive argon coverage to prevent oxidation. For that reason, we recommend running a #14 gas lens or higher with 35-40cfh of flow on the top side and a good back purge to prevent any oxidation on the inside of the weld. If you are getting any colors on your weld inside or out, then you are either running too much heat or do not have enough gas coverage or a combination of the two. Like picking up any new material for the first time, there is a learning curve. If you start out with these settings while having a little patience and put in the practice, it won't be long before you are welding Titanium with the best of them. For more practice materials, pick up our Titanium welding sample pack at www.ticonindustries.com for only 24.99 on our website so you can fine tune your Titanium welding skills!

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