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TiCON Industries announces new product - Shogun Cuts by Jesse James

Ticon Industries Inc announced a new product partnership between the famed fabricator Jesse James and Ticon at PRI 2017 in December. Shogun Cuts were patented by legendary motorcycle builder Jesse James after he was fabricating an exhaust and an idea just came to him. Why not make an interlocking pie cut design that would ease the fabrication process and allow complex bends that were previously an extremely painstaking process.

In typical James fashion, a regular design just wouldn't do... so he decided to add a scallop to each piece. This differentiates the Shogun Cuts from everything else on the market and insures that your project will have the one-off custom design you're looking for. 

Ticon Industries Inc is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Shogun Cuts by Jesse James and will be offered in 3 sizes initially. 1.75 inch, 2 inch and 2.25 inch. This covers just about every motorcycle exhaust and automotive header out there. Currently offered in both a tight radius and a loose radius, it gives you even more flexibility in your fabrication. Each piece is investment cast for strength and heat resistance and then precision machined to tight tolerances insuring the consistency and quality you are accustomed to with the entire line of Ticon Industries manufactured products. They are then polished to a "180" finish on the outside making your "finish work" a breeze.

Ticon and Stainless Bros are excited to be offering these one of a kind products to the market and even more excited to be working with Jesse James on this project. We expect to have these readily available by the end of the year even though a few pieces have already made it into Jesse's hands.

Follow @ShogunCuts @TiconIndustries @Stainless_Bros on Instagram to be kept in the loop on future product releases and availability.

Contact your Ticon Industries or Stainless Bros representative today to reserve yours.



*Stainless Bros is a subsidiary of Ticon Industries Inc


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