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Creating Titanium Art With Form and Function

Creating Art with Form and Function 

Our goal is to provide the highest quality Titanium exhaust materials with a show quality finish right out of the package. This attention to detail in our products lends to some amazing end results and uses we never would have anticipated. The stunning new Focus Motorsports McLaren P1 GTR Titanium exhaust system and a commissioned motorcycle engine sculpture from Strokers Dallas are just a few examples of Ticon Industries Titanium used in unique and original settings.


Focus Motorsports newly released Mclaren P1 GTR Titanium exhaust system perfectly compliments the $2m hypercar while saving weight. 

Rickey Graffeo's Kawasaki 750 free standing exhaust sculpture for Strokers Dallas utilizing Ticon Industries Titanium pie cuts.

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  • Gareth Edwards on

    I’m looking for titanium flat washers, size inner diameter 22 mm or 7/8’; and outer diameter 33mm or 1 3/8’. Do you have or can you produce this size? it will be used as a mouthpiece, therefore should be ok for skin contact.

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