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Some Advantages Of Using Titanium Pie Cuts

Unobtainium Welding's Insight Into Pie Cuts

1. Bends always have a thinner outside radius due to the bending process. So, for a given thickness, done properly, pie cuts are stronger.
2. Given the above, you can in theory build a lighter exhaust with less concern over longevity.
3. Pie Cuts allow for nearly infinite radius and direction change.
4. It's challenging. An old school way of doing it made trendy and acceptable by the Japanese masters of lightweight, bespoke exhaust.
5. The look. On Titanium specifically, I think the look is interesting.  With a nice brushed finish on the tubing and all of the shiny welds. It adds character. 

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  • Gabe on

    Wouldn’t the pie cuts cause turbulent flow?

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