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How To Heat Tint Titanium

Did you know?
Titanium, unlike aluminum or stainless can be heat tinted to give you colors other than the raw finish. Once fabrication is done you can "burn" the exterior with a MAP gas torch or place the material in a ceramic oven to get the blue, gold, purple or red color that you desire dependent on what temperature the Titanium reaches. 
*Photo courtesy of Unobtainium Welding* http://www.higherarcing.org/
*Photo courtesy of Jon Vigil from http://www.viengineered.net
Titanium VanJen Flanges are here!
With the need for racers to run ever increasing amounts of boost to obtain their goals, we now provide the ultimate in charge piping solutions. No longer do you have to worry about blowing out thin walled aluminum tubing trying to save weight or silicone couplers popping off at the track. Utilizing the already available Vibrant VanJen clamping system you can now upgrade to Titanium charge pipes that are twice as strong as steel with only half of the weight!

Ticon Industries Titanium VanJen Weld Flanges:

2.5" VanJen Weld Flange - $102.99
3" VanJen Weld Flange - $111.99
3.5" VanJen Weld Flange - $122.99
4" VanJen Weld Flange - $134.99

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